Organised every two years by the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), together with its national and local partners from all over the world, the 28th edition of the World Congress returns to France and will be held, for the first time, in Lyon, the third largest city in the country.

In partnership and with the support of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance (DGE-Sub-Directorate of Tourism) and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, the Congress with the theme "Tourism in action: Innovate, Develop and Share”, will include presentations, debates and reflections on three major topics :


innovation and creativity to respond to new societal challenges, the evolution of clients, the ability of actors to adapt, particularly through new technologies.

youth Tourism to ensure greater access to holidays and mobility in the framework of programs aimed at empowering the autonomy of youth and the development of a European and global citizenship.

balanced development of territories what are the solutions in terms of seasonality, sustainability, responsible and fair tourism to cope with the growing phenomenon of ‘overtourism’ and often the rejection of local populations towards tourists. 

The presented program aims to explore these topics in detail by combining theoretical inputs and the presentation of good practices in plenary sessions and participatory workshops in addition to providing a forum for the presentation of innovative projects.

CONGRESS 2018 - PROGRAM (04.10.18)
Programme Lyon - Version 04.10.18_EN.pdf
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