friday 19th october



 09h00-09h45 : Introductory Plenary on the balanced development of territories   




o      Chief Benki Piyãko Ashaninka, Political and Spiritual leader of Amazonia 




10h00-12h00 : Simultaneous workshops




Workshop 1 - Overtourism                                                       (Fr/En)


What types of answers are provided in destination and tourism sites? 




Moderator: Maurizio Davolio, President of the Italian Association of Responsible Tourism – AITR (Italy)




§  Olivier Henry-Biabaud, CEO, TCI Research (Belgium)


§  Xavier Suñol, Tourism Director, City of Barcelona (Spain)


§  Cécile Anne Rousset, Founder and CEO of Vivo Venetia (Italy)  


§  Carolina Paes, Technical Assistant in Social Tourism, SESC São Paulo (Brazil)


§  Vincent Nijs, Research Manager, Visit Flanders (Belgium)


§  Carme Rubió Soto, Deputy Director, General Directorate of Tourism,  Catalan Tourism Agency (Spain)  




Workshop 2 – Tourism at the service of local economies            (Fr/Spa) What does this mean ? How to measure and with which criteria ?




Moderator: Veronica Gomez, Director ISTO Americas




§  Alberto López C., General Director of the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (Costa Rica)


§  Francesco Tapinassi, Chief Tourism Policy Unit


General Directorate of Tourism, Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Italy)


§  Jesús Berroa De La Rosa, Director Turissol - CASC (Dominican Republic) 


§  Sonia Vaillancourt, Executive Director, Conseil québécois du loisir 




§  Maria Eugenia González O'Farril, General Coordinator of the « Voyageons Tous pour Mexico » movement, Tourism Promotion Board – SECTUR (Mexico)   




Workshop 3 - In what way do “tourism for all”, responsible and fair tourism operators specifically contribute to the balanced development of territories? (Fr/En)




Modérateur : José María de Juan Alonso, Director Spanish Center for Responsible Tourism - Koan (Spain)   




§  Marco Giraldo, CEO and Managing partner, Tourcert – Label for operators and destinations (Germany)


§  Francisco Madelino, President, Fondation Inatel (Portugal)


§  Mohamed Bayouli, President of the Djerba Insolite Association (Tunisia)


§  Juan Ignacio Marambio, Executive Director, Travolution Foundation – (Chili)


§  Gautier Amoussou, Coordinator Benin Ecotourism Concern  (Benin) 


§  Jason Nardi, General Director, RIPESS Europe




12h00-12h15 :  Elements of conclusions on the balanced development of territories




§  Guillaume Cromer, President of Acteurs du Tourisme Durable (ATD) - France




12h15-13h15 : Official closing session




§  Invited speeches


o   The ANCV, a major player in Tourism for All in France


Frédéric Vigouroux, President of the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (France)


o   Highlights of the 2nd World Summit on Accessible Tourism


Vincent Snoeck, President of the Wallonia-Brussels Collective on Accessibility (CAWAB) Co-Chair of the Summit (Belgium)




§  Conclusions and perspectives on the follow-up of the Lyon 2018 Congress


o   Summary elements of the congress


Veronica Gomez, Director ISTO Americas


o   Intervention Jean Marc Mignon, ISTO President




§  Invitation to future forums and congresses


o   Alberto Lopez C., Director General, Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (Costa Rica)


o   Jean Marie-Collombon, Coordinator,  International Forum on Responsible and Fair Tourism  - FITS (France)




13h15-14h30 : Lunch




14h30 : Departure for guided tours of Lyon 


 o  Guided tour of Lyon offered by Only Lyon with 2 options:

o   Old Lyon renaissance and its ‘traboules’

o   From Fourvière to Old Lyon

o  Eco-tour with Lyon City Trek, proposed by the Actors of Sustainable Tourism (ATD) 


More info on the tours...