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Sightseeing - Friday 19 October

On Friday 19 October in the afternoon, we offer 4 walking tours to choose from: 

Lyon Eco-Tour with Lyon City Trek 

the Alter'ho 


This Eco-Tour will take you through the streets of Lyon on foot. Participants will enjoy sensory experiences such as making a drawing during the walk, or a mindful visit of a “Traboule”. The itinerary will lead us away from the highly publicised neighbourhoods and will feature walking bridges as a tool for ecotourism and shared gardens as urban oases. The tour will end at an activist pub, where we will present an inventory of slow tourism sites in Lyon !


About the tour guide: Patrick Mathon from Lyon City Trek

Born in Lyon, where he saw the “Crayon”-tower being built, Patrick studied geology and became an off-the-beaten track urban tour guide, combining sensitivity and wonder… In 2015, he created the Lyon City Trek, which responds to a need for sustainable tourism.

A city trek is an adaptable walk, lasting 2 to 3 hours. A guide from Lyon, in love with his city, takes you on a unique experience. Groups are limited in order to maximize human interaction. Each city trek will make you discover historical, cultural and environmental aspects of Lyon. We take the time to discover the neighbourhoods we visit, while respecting the sites and inhabitants and getting acquainted with local creators and products.

Go on a city trek and discover Lyon differently!


 Practical information :

  • Meetup: 2:30pm at the transfer point
  • End: 5:30 pm at the Alter'hostel, 32 Quai Arloing, 69009 Lyon
  • Duration: 2 hr 30 min / 3hr
  • Price: voluntary donation



Lyon City Trek bears the “Lyon Fair and Sustainable City” label.

Renaissance Lyon and its traboules

Iconic city neighbourhood, protected since 1964 and now UNESCO world heritage, Lyon Old Town reveals its secrets in this walk through history.           

Lyon Old Town was an urban centre since the middle ages. Today it boasts 24 acres of mainly 15th and 16th century buildings.

From the St-Jean cathedral, which blends roman and gothic styles, unveil the treasures of the old Renaissance town along its cobbled alleys, courtyards and traboules. You will learn about the history of this neighbourhood, dating back to the time of the big fairs, which brought the city its wealth and fame. Live through the history of the great families of Lyon and abroad and the footprint they left on the city.

Weave your way through the amazing traboules, passageways from one street to another in between houses. Behind the neighbourhood doors, catch a glimpse of brilliantly renovated architectural treasures from the golden age, including galleries, towers and spiral staircases…


Practical Information

  • Duration: 2 hr
  • Walking tour, limited to 30 people per group
  •  Languages: tours are available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish and Japanese
  • Meeting point at metro exit Vieux-Lyon (line D)
  • The tour ends in Lyon Old Town


 Lyon Confluence

A former industrial port, the Confluence district went through astonishing transformations in recent years, with daring modern housing projects and eco-buildings. This new area bears the eco-neighbourhood label and allows nature into the city.

The Rambaud port was built in 1926 and was a major commercial hub in the 20th century. This industrial area was abandoned in 1993 and born again in 2007, through an ambitious urban project. The transformation was amazing! Take a walk along the Saône river and see for yourself how major contemporary architects let their creativity flow.

Marvel at the orange cube by Jakob & MacFarlane, hop on board the leisure complex by Jean-Paul Viguier and navigate the nooks and crannies of the Hôtel de région (regional council building) designed by Christian de Portzamparc.

Welcome to 21st century Lyon, the symbol of a forward-looking metropolis!


Practical Information

-          Duration: 2 to 3 hr

-          Walking tour, limited to 30 people per group

-          Languages: tours are available in French, English, German and Italian

-          Tour can be optionally extended to the Perrache district.

-          Meeting point at the Hôtel de region, esplanade François Mitterrand, Tram T1, stop: Hôtel de région Montrochet Lyon 2

-          The tour ends in the Confluence district

 Fourvière to Lyon Old Town

From atop a historical hill of Lyon, the Fourvière basilica overlooks more than 2000 years of history.      

This tour from Fourvière hill to Lyon Old Town will take you through centuries of history and city development.

The tour starts on Fourvière hill, where Lyon was founded. From the Fourvière esplanade, you can take in the evolution of the city throughout the centuries, as well as the specificities of each different neighbourhood. From atop, the main monuments of the city can be seen from a different angle.

Visiting the basilica unveils a richly decorated 19th century church.

Descending towards the old town will immerse you into the medieval and renaissance part of Lyon. Lyon Old Town was an urban centre since the middle ages. Today it boasts 24 acres of mainly 15th and 16th century buildings.

The St-Jean cathedral reveals a blend of roman and gothic styles, a stark contrast with the basilica. The end of the tour will take you through a “traboule”, the best way to learn about these quircky passageways between houses.   


Practical Information

-          Duration: 2 to 3 hours

-          Walking tour, limited to 30 people per group

-          Ancient theatres can be visited upon request

-          Languages: tours are available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish and Japanese

-          Meeting point place de Fourvière, on the esplanade in front of the Fourvière basilica

The tour ends in Lyon Old Town


Those interested in the visits should indicate this in the general online registration form.

Day trip - Saturday 20 October

On Saturday 20 October, you can choose to participate at an excursion "Côte Rôtie - Lyon" from 9h00 to 17h00. 

Please download the PDF for the complete program. Rate of the Excursion is 130,00 euros / person. 


ATTENTION: When you are interested to participate, please REGISTER DIRECTLY THROUGH THE AGENCY : EXCELYS TOURS before the 1st October - Lyon: - +33 (0)4 78 92 47 75

Day trip program - Saturday 20 October
OITS - Excursions English 30 Oct 2018 -
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