lionel flasseur



Lionel Flasseur took office as the director-general of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Tourism starting February 1st 2017. After having lead the merging of the former regional committees of tourism, in cooperation with the board, his mission now is to pilot the development and the touristic promotion of the territory. The goal is to unite the forces of the destinations around a common goal: strive to become one of the top 5 touristic destinations within Europe within 5 years.


Lionel Flasseur knows the world of tourism well. After ten years in marketing and sales for a large food processing business, Lionel Flasseur has exercised responsabilities as the Sales and Marketing Director of, before performing the same functions for the Lyon Airports from 2004 untill 2009. After this he has lead internet travel agencies before taking office as the International Promotion Director of the metropole of Lyon.