María Eugenia González O´Farrill


 Since November 1st 2015, she’s the General Coordinator of the Movimiento Nacional por el Turismo Viajemos Todos por México, of the Counsel for Touristic Promotion of Mexico-SECTUR, contributing actively to its conception and its setup.


Maru, as she is known in the touristic industry, is married and is the mother of 3 daughters. She has a carreer of more than 35 years in the touristic industry, both in the public and the private sector. She has gained important experience as a government representative in the touristic sector both in Mexico and overseas. The linking of the public and private efforts in this sector, which is crucial for the country, gave it a special vision of the implications of a good coordination of the countless activities that project and build a “brand” like the one Mexico currently has in the world tourist market.


She has been responsible for Mexico’s Representation Offices for Tourism Abroad. She coordinated the first “Tianguis Turistico” with a business vision and the first “Eurobolsa” in the country.


She has set up the first trusts with the private sector for beach destinations. Her stays in the touristic offices of Italy and New York, coordinating the eastern United States and Canada, have allowed her to be an excellent tourism ambassador to the media and the travel industry in these cities.