bruno molea


Bruno Molea is President of AICS, (Italian Association of Sport and Culture) – a CONI grassroots sport provider and he was recently elected President of FICTUS (Italian Federation of entities promoting culture, tourism and sport). He is President of CSIT (the International Workers & Amateurs in Sports Confederation, recognised by the International Olympic Committee and member of GAISF). Past member of the Italian Parliament, during his mandate he was Vice President of the Commission of Culture of the Chamber of Deputies and Secretary of the Controlling Commission of the Italian National Radio and TV. Into the sector of social tourism he was Member of the Executive Board of ISTO.


He is member of CONI Council (Italian Olympic Committee) and member of the Italian Paralympic Committee Board. Bruno Molea was director of the organizing committee of the CSIT World Sports Games 2015, an international multisport major event for amateurs (up to 8000 participants).


He received the Medal of Distinction “Stella d’oro CONI” and appointed Peace Attorney of the Order of Malta.


Bruno is Journalist and Director in charge of AICS’s Newspapers and Magazines.


Concerning social policies, Bruno has been always committed to promote the principles of equal opportunities and combatting discriminations in the field of sport, sustainable tourism and cultural activities. During his presidency in CSIT the Para-Sport Department was enacted and the movement of young leaders’ involvement became a priority of the Confederation’s vision. With his Presidency, since 2013, AICS established a network of welcoming centers for asylum seekers and refugees, promoting the role of sport as a key-driver of social inclusion and the voluntary activities as a tool for active citizenship. Moreover a LGBT sector was formally established in AICS to tackle discrimination in sport based on sexual orientation and gender identity. During his mandate into the Italian Parliament he was the promoter and first signer of the Ius Solis Law, enacted in 2016 and promoting the access to sport practices - delivered by sport clubs - for minor immigrants not yet Italian citizens.