jérôme pichonnier


Chief of the Office of Tourist Destinations


Tourism Branch - Enterprise Branch - Ministry of Economy and Finance


The field of action of the office of the tourist destinations concerns the territorial tourism policies.


Main contacts:


- local authorities and their structures dedicated to tourism (CRT, ADT, tourist offices);

- federations of elected representatives of tourist territories;

- more generally, an associative network which rallies local tourism actors.


The action of the office is organised in 2 parts:


1-      Regulatory component: development, monitoring and implementation of rankings of tourist offices, names in tourist communes, classification of municipalities in tourist resorts and regulations on the tourist tax.

2-      Structuring of the tourist sectors: cultural tourism, remembrance tourism, itineraries, river tourism, pedestrian excursions ... -, hydrotherapy, rural tourism, overseas ...


Actions are numerous, among the emblematic measures: destination contracts (double ambition: to contribute to the promotion of an international destination / to structure the tourist offer).