Verónica Gómez

Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, she has a science education and worked for 10 years as a teacher at the University of the Republic, before arriving in Canada.


She joined the Americas section of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) in Montreal in 2005 as coordinator of the program "Por una juventud ciudadana en turismo" and since 2006, she is Director of ISTO Americas, where she facilitates relations between the members of the Americas, coordinates studies and research according to the needs of the development of social tourism in the continent and organizes colloquia, seminars and workshops of sensitization and formation, as well as the promotion of the cooperation and the alliance of public organizations and interested parties on the subject. Between 2009 and 2014, she also directed and coordinated the activities of the Fondation Tourisme Jeunesse, an initiative that promotes access to travel for young people aged 15 to 35.


During the last 12 years, Veronica has coordinated support and public policy development projects for governments and companies in several countries of the Americas, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Canada and Guatemala, among others. She has visited diverse social tourism experiences and programs across the continent and has dictated more than 250 hours of training as well as over one hundred conferences across the Americas, Europe and Africa.